Piano tuner in Cambridge and East Anglia

Grand piano tuning pinsGrand piano tuning pins

Please contact us for tuning and repair services we can provide in Cambridge and the Anglia region.

Our standard rate for tuning a piano in the Cambridgeshire area is £70. This price will vary if we need to travel further to reach you or if additional work is required, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A standard tuning should take 1 - 1.5 hours. While tuning your piano we can also undertake minor repairs to fix problems such as sticking keys etc. Any additional work may increase the time and cost of the tuning, but all costs will be agreed before any work begins.


Tuning Pianos

Once a piano has been purchased it should be tuned and maintained regularly by a competent, qualified tuner/technician. As a general rule, a piano will require tuning every six months. Pianos experiencing heavy usage should be tuned more often.

Upright piano tuning pinsUpright piano tuning pins

Pianos should always be tuned to concert pitch, (A=440 Hz). If a piano is allowed to fall below this pitch then it will take more than one tuning to haul it up again.

A well tuned piano should sound even throughout the compass of the entire keyboard. Although there are exceptions, pianos generally have three strings for each note, two in the octave or so below middle C and one in the bottom octave. The strings for each note sound clear and without discord.