Advice for buying a piano

When buying a used piano it's useful to know which type of piano you require. There are two types of piano commonly used, the upright piano and the grand piano.

Upright pianoAn upright piano

Upright Pianos

The upright piano is so called because the main part of the case stands perpendicular to the keyboard. This style of piano has the advantage of being ble to fit into an average sized living room.

Grand pianoA grand piano

Grand pianos

The grand piano, on the other hand, takes up a considerable amount of room lengthways. It is designed for the larger living room and concert hall. The sound it makes is much larger and is intended to be heard in large buildings.

Square pianoA square piano

Other pianos

Older styles of piano, such as the square piano, tend to have been manufactured around the early to mid nineteenth century. Typically they are almost exclusively made of wood, both inside and out. This renders them unsuitable for modern central heating systems. Being of a great age they are almost always in need of serious restoration work and therefore should be avoided when it comes to choosing a used piano for standard use.


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